January 2019

John spoke on “Email”:
-viruses & spam (looks official, but…) (watch for typos)
– new file format HEIC High Efficiency Image Format)
Email Tech Speak:
-Email is a messaging service
-domain name . eg wow.com, gmail.com, icloud.com, etc.
-recommend stop using cable service emails or Hotmail or Hotwire
-iMap Vs. POP      recommend iMap
-Email apps   browser based or OS based
-Junk, Spam, Archive, Trash or Recycle
-Email desired view > all services/accounts to one email
-iOS>mail>passwords & Accounts   all services/accounts to one email
-Add Account    System Preferences>Internet Accounts using + or –
-name it, email address, password
-contacts into separate folders
-mailboxes .  base & smart & regular    email > mailbox
-folders with rules
-mail > preferences

December 2018

A List of Websites and Videos from the December meeting:

Terry White’s Holiday Gadget Gift Guide:


Apple Buyers Guide:

Video: https://vimeo.com/303526868

Dave from MacGroup Detroit / June:
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9INTpzIPQ8&feature=youtu.be